Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The May Monthly Round-up

As summer officially begins we at The Zack Company continue to work diligently through the piles of requests and sample chapters we have waiting to be read.  As the summer intern, I will be helping Andy get through as many of these as I can as more and more queries continue to pour in.  Without further adieu, here are the stats from the month of May.

In May we:

·         Received 52 queries and declined 3
·         Received 2 sample chapters and declined 8
·         Received 1 proposal and declined 0
·         Received 1 full manuscript and declined 1

We have on hand to read:

·         28 sample chapters
·         2  full manuscripts
·         6 proposals

We are also continuing our two charity offers this month.  If you currently have a sample chapter or proposal on submission to The Zack Company and want to bypass the often-long waiting process, we are offering the service of Express Review™ after a donation of $60 dollars or more to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to help out our good friend, Ted Wilcox.  That is, with a charitable donation made you can be assured that your submitted sample chapter or proposal will be responded to within just ten business days.  To learn more about Ted’s story and to make a donation, use this link: http://pages.teamintraining.org/sd/sdtrcla10/twilcoxzdf.  Additionally, if you order Express Review and we pass on your work, we will explain why we are passing.  There are no “form” responses with ER.

In addition, if you are a new author and wish to bypass the query letter process we will accept a sample chapter or proposal directly from an author after a charitable donation of $100 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society via Ted Wilcox’s page.  Sample chapters must not exceed twenty-five pages double-spaced, and synopses must not exceed five pages, double-spaced.  Again, authors taking advantage of this offer will receive an actual response rather than a form response if we pass.  Obviously, if we are interested in seeing more, we will let you know!

 After making these donations, please let us know through the FAQ form here: http://www.zackcompany.com/faqs/183.html

Although these offers do not increase your chances of becoming a client, taking advantage of one or the other will expedite the response process, provide the chance for a personal feedback to all materials, and help to support a noble cause.

Thanks so much everyone and I will be back in a month with June’s numbers!


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