Friday, July 30, 2010

More on #intuitpaymentsolutionsfail

So yesterday I was actually able to sign into Intuit Payment Solutions and apparently I can now send money for free to anyone with an email address and a bank in the US and they can receive it for fifty cents.  It's interesting that they charge the recipient.  After all, I'm the one saving the stamp, right?  Undoubtedly, they figured that people would send more money if it was free and people would pay the fifty cents to get their money.  In a way, it almost feels like greenmail, doesn't it?  Sign up here and agree to pay fifty cents or you won't get your money.

Ah well.  So I was playing around with it and reading the Help screens and found a note that said QuickBooks could automatically add a link to your outgoing invoices that allows recipients of electronic versions of those invoices to just click and pay using IPS (Intuit Payment Solutions).  But I couldn't figure it out.  So I called Customer Service.  Right now, thank G-d, it's in the US in California and not in India (yet!), so you are able to talk to a relatively intelligent and understandable person about your problems with QuickBooks.  (I tried to talk to him about my problem having to get up and pee three times a night, but he didn't seem to understand.)  Anyhow, the first guy seemed adamant that it could be done, but then hung up on me by accident.  The second guy informed me it could not be done because I had to be a customer of Intuit Billing Solutions and able to accept credit cards and the like and then it would be possible.  Except he was actually wrong, too.  Because down at the bottom, in very faint, gray type, it said this was a function that would be available in QuickBooks 2011.  2011!

So the direction seems to be clear.  Intuit is determined to continue its quest to make QuickBooks a vehicle for taking more money out of your pocket.  At this point, perhaps they should just create a subscription program for a reasonable monthly fee and keep adding features. does this and it seems to work well.  Admittedly, I was grandfathered in there at a very reasonable rate, but they have added some real functionality over the years that I deeply appreciate.  QuickBooks, alas, has done less.

But the ability to pay my clients via ACH for less than the cost of printing a check and mailing it would be great.  It circumvents sending wires and that's awesome, especially since my bank has gotten more and more expensive when it comes to sending those.

But if Customer Service and Technical Support at IPS don't know what the system and QuickBooks can or cannot do, then, once again #intuitpaymentsolutionsfail.


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