Thursday, July 08, 2010

The June Monthly Round-Up

While our friends in the publishing business in New York City may be sweltering, we are happy to report that the weather here at The Zack Company continues to be cool and comfortable.  This summer we are working hard to read and respond to as much material as we can, and this June was a highly productive month for that.  Here are the stats to prove it.

In June we:

  • Received 58 queries and declined 127
  • Received 8 sample chapters and declined 11
  • Received 0 proposals and declined 0
  • Received 1 full manuscript and declined 0
We have on hand to read:
  • 34 sample chapters
  • 5 proposals
  • 3 full manuscripts
We are waiting on material for:
  • 17 sample chapters
  • 3 proposals
  • 4 full manuscripts
    Lastly, I would like to send a happy belated 4th of July to all prospective and current clients of The Zack Company; I hope that you celebrated well with friends and family! 

    I’ll be back in August with the monthly round-up for July.


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