Thursday, August 05, 2010

The July Monthly Round Up

It’s time again for another edition of the TZC monthly round up.  During what was most certainly the gloomiest month we have seen this summer in San Diego, TZC continued to field the material from all of you.  Here is the breakdown:

In July we:
  •    Received 57 queries and declined 59
  •    Received 8 sample chapters and declined 12
  •    Received 2 proposals and declined 0
We have on hand to read:
  •    24 sample chapters
  •    6 proposals
  •    5 full manuscripts
We are waiting on material for:
  •    12 sample chapters
  •    1 proposals
  •    6 full manuscripts
Our oldest proposal is dated December 2009 and our oldest sample chapter is dated April 2010 so if you know you submitted before then and you have not received any feedback from us, please let us know!



Biff said...

Received 57 queries and declined 59
Received 8 sample chapters and declined 12

Isn't that a little harsh?

Fredericton, NB

Andrew Zack said...

Harsh? How so? We decline over 99% of what comes our way. We're just giving you the hard statistics.

If you are referring to our declining more than we got in, that's just reflection on the fact that we read and respond in spurts. Some months we read and decline few projects and then we catch up in the following month.


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