Friday, September 17, 2010

A Mid-Month Submission Update

I've been working harder to catch up on the reading, especially the partials, since my wife is about to give birth pretty much any time now.  Yes, we are expecting a new baby.  Technically, the due date isn't until mid-ish October, but we all know how these things go.

As of today, 9/17, I've got all of the queries answered one way or another.  Of course, that's only a true statement until the next eQuery™ shows up.  And I've only got eleven sample chapters and/or proposals to read.  The oldest has a cover letter dated August 23rd, so I'm actually only three weeks behind.  A new record!

Alas, I have a TRUCKLOAD of full manuscripts to read, one of which was shipped to me in four separate manuscript boxes (my intern, Catilin, was thrilled to inform me that she would NOT have time to read that one before her internship end date).  So, there's plenty of reading to do, but I am working hard to clear the decks before I take leave for the new baby's arrival.

A note to those considering submitting an eQuery.  If you get an error message saying the form was not published, do NOT email me via the FAQ form asking me if I got the query.  Just resend the query.  Ninety-nine percent of authors are working off a query they carefully crafted in a word-processing program (at least, I really HOPE they are and if not, they should be) and then just cut-and-pasted into the form.  So, while this error is inconvenient (and it only happens rarely), you do need to fill out the form again.

Also, should I request that you submit a sample chapter or proposal, please do be sure to include a DATED cover letter.  It helps us keep track of your material.



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