Friday, September 24, 2010

Shane Brennan, Shut the $&@(! Up, Please

As a longtime fan of NCIS, I naturally started watching NCIS:  Los Angeles.  I have to admit, though, I'm seriously considering knocking it off the list.  You see, this show has become increasingly nothing more than running chases, car chases, and a whole lot of talking.  I wish the writers—or at least producer/creator Shane Brennan—would just shut up and get rid of all the talking and try, instead, to develop some good characters.  NCIS:  LA is just a poor cousin to NCIS.  Perhaps this is due to casting?  Certainly the characters of NCIS are simply better, more complex, more individual.

Or perhaps NCIS: LA is just suffering from focusing too much on Chris O'Donnell and LL and not enough on the rest of the team.  Either way, it's just not floating my boat.

Oh, and while I'm griping, why LA?  Why not a real navy town, like San Diego or Norfolk?  I live in San Diego and I laugh my ass off when I hear they are going to drive down to investigate something at Camp Pendleton and then seem to be back by lunch.  Folks, with traffic, that's an all-day trip and you are stuck going twenty-five mph for a lot of it.  So it's a joke that anyone would go from LA to Pendelton (which I'm sure has a large NCIS or Military Police office and would not need the LA office to help) and back as fast as these guys seem to do it.  Heck, it's a joke that they seem to drive around LA and not run into traffic that brings them to a slow crawl every show.

There are bigger and better navy towns and there are character actors with far more appeal than just about anyone appearing on NCIS:  LA.  They already killed off one guy, how about a car bomb takes out the rest and we "reboot?"



Steena Holmes said...

I'm with you. I tried to give LA a fighting chance cause I love NCIS, but there's something missing from it. We decided to just tape it this season and watch it when there is nothing else on.

Jim Lamb said...

I totally agree. Shows like NCIS are successful because of the characters and the dynamics between them. Something as small and as endearing as Gibbs cuffing the back of Tony's head or Gibb's father/daughter relationship with Abby can instantly grab a viewer's empathy. NCIS LA was off my list after the first episode. They had cut the only interesting charcter, Lara Macy and the other characters seemed flat. Not only is Louise Lombard a great actor, but her character's relationship with Gibbs promised to be ideal for the crossover. Alas, that's never going to happen since they killed her off even before the series began.

Jim Lamb

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