Monday, November 01, 2010

More on QuickBooks Direct Deposit for Vendors

When we last left our intrepid hero—I mean me, of course—he was still waiting for anyone with actual problem-solving abilities to get back to him from QuickBooks or Intuit.  I did, in fact, get a call back regarding my application for higher limits on Direct Deposit for Vendors from Intuit and it was quite enlightening.

The woman who called me back confirmed that I was never made aware of the limits on my accounts and that not making users aware is part of their security policy.  I trust that I am not alone in feeling that this is, perhaps, one of the stupidest approaches to security and customer service out there.

Let's see, there are limits, but the people using the services do not know about the limits.  The limits, if you hit them, are difficult to get raised and require the cooperation of your bank.  So if you are hoping to use the Direct Deposit for Vendors or Direct Deposit for Payroll services from QuickBooks but hit your limits, you'd better have a back-up plan fast, because you aren't going to be able to use those services until you wade through a pile of paperwork and bullshit to get to a place where you can use them.

To me, this is a bit like buying a car that has a speedometer that goes up to 190, but the one day you need to go faster than, say 65, you find out the car won't do it.  It will crap out on you and leave you in the passing lane, trying to get past a line of trucks, with on-coming traffic in your lane, unable to actually get past the trucks, perhaps leading to an accident but certainly slowing you waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down and unable to do with that car what you'd hoped to do.

Further, without ever discussing my need for higher limits with me, Intuit approved a lower limit than I had requested, thus ensuring that this service will continue to not work for me and forcing me to use wires or overnight checks to meet the needs of my clients.  Ironically, my ability to provide good "customer service" to my clients is being hampered by bad customer support from QuickBooks and Intuit.

Thus, if you are interested in either Direct Deposit for Payroll or Direct Deposit for Payroll from QuickBooks, I think it's important that you dig in deep at the start with them and insist on knowing the limits that have been set and, if those limits are unacceptable, pick the fight now, before you change your ways, because you'll find yourself quite frustrated and losing days and days of productivity when you are unable to accomplish what you hope to accomplish with these services.  So much for improving the way you do business!


P.S.  To whomever left the anonymous comment on the prior post (perhaps someone from Intuit?), please note that I do not permit anonymous posts.  You must at least provide your full name, city and state.


ClothDragon said...

Taking the car analogy a little further, the biggest issue for me would be the phone call to the dealer/shop for the car that stalled on the interstate and having them tell me it wasn't a mistake, but rather a security feature so I didn't get hurt by going too fast.

Kay Elam said...

Sounds like double secret probation to me.

Kay Elam
Nashville, TN

Dianna Williams said...

Having this issue right now! Can't seem to get anyone at intuit to tell me what all my limits are. Two weeks ago found out about total vendor payment limits and got that increased and today just found out there is a limit per vendor that intuit neglected to tell me about. Very frustrated!

Dianna Williams
Palmyra, VA

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