Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The October Monthly Round-up

Well, October was a heck of a month.  No, not for reading or for business, but because my wife and I had a new baby boy!  His name is Sam and he's quite the cute kid and a pretty good sleeper.  Alas, the pediatrician says we can't let him sleep longer than four hours at night and so I'm pretty much a zombie.  So, the numbers really didn't move in October.  Here they are:

  • 58 Queries; declined 9
  • 0 Sample Chapters; declined 3
  • 1 Full Manuscript

We have on-hand:
  • 4 Sample Chapters
  • 2 Proposals
  • 12 Full Manuscripts

We're waiting for:
  • 1 Sample Chapter
  • 2 Proposals

We also have 52 eQueries™ we've received but have not yet read.


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Shannon Phillips said...

Sounds like what we went through with our first one, when I was having difficulty getting breastfeeding established. Such a stressful time. Here's hoping everybody gets more sleep soon!

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