Monday, January 10, 2011

(Belatedly) The December Monthly Round-Up

If there's one thing that'll throw a monkey wrench into your ability to get reading done, it's having a new baby in the house.  By the time you find the time, you're exhausted.  It's a real challenge.

That said, I'm excited to report that I have new intern starting today and she will be (hopefully!) of great assistance in helping me get through much of the reading we have pending.

That said, I currently have on-hand:
  • 69 eQueries that need to be read;
  • 5 Sample Chapters that need to be read;
  • 13 Full manuscripts, 4 of which are from current clients, and 1 from a prospective client that is over 1,000 pages!

We are currently waiting fro a mere 4 sample chapters and 1 proposal.

Lest you think I am completely slacking...

In December, we received 38 queries and declined 61.

So if you are waiting from an answer from us and haven't heard yet, it is almost assured that we are still considering your material.  Your patience is deeply appreciated.



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Jim Lamb said...

Unlike most, your kind of distraction is worth every wordless moment. Work gets done in time; the days of a baby being a baby are limited. Too soon he will be asking for the car keys. Enjoy the sleepless nights and exhausting days while you have them. Stop now and then to savour the moment--though you most undoubtly have, especially when he's sleeping.

Jim Lamb
Shelburne, Ontario

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