Thursday, January 13, 2011

DEADLY CHOICES, by Paul Offit, MD, Publicity Update

Publicity Update

Offit, Paul, DEADLY CHOICES:  How the Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens Us All (Basic Books)

Booked for The Colbert Report—January 24

Appeared on Good Morning America (ABC-TV)—January 12

Appeared on Dr. Richard Besser (ABC News Now/ (extended version of the GMA appearance)

Appeared on NPR’s Science Friday—January 7

Scientific American will mention the book as Recommended Reading in the February 2011 issue.

Starred review from Booklist: Issue: January 1, 2011

“Infectious disease expert Offit, long an outspoken and prolific champion of universal immunization via vaccines, ratchets up the urgency of his crusade by taking on the loudest and highest-profile spokespersons for the anti-vaccine movement….  Armed with his own arsenal of anecdotal horror stories that focus on worst case histories of the unvaccinated, mostly children, in addition to pages of scientific study citations supporting his premise, Offit pulls no punches. His tone is edgier than usual this time, his arguments more virulent.  It is clear that he wants his message and the facts, not rumors or infectious diseases, to go viral.”

Starred review for Paul in the 12/1 Kirkus

“The issue comes down to coincidence vs. causality.  A baby is vaccinated and thereafter develops seizures, brain damage, autism or other disorders.  So powerful is the need to find a cause that vaccines become the target and no amount of clinical or epidemiological evidence will change opinions.  …countless studies have discounted any association [between mercury and autism], but the protests mount, with many states allowing parents to opt out of vaccine programs.  The danger is that with too many kids unvaccinated, herd immunity is lost and epidemics become a reality.  Offit rightly points out that it would be a mistake to go this route to demonstrate why vaccines are essential; what we need is a restoration of trust.

“A much-needed book with solid evidence—deserves all the publicity it can get.”

“Dr. Offit brings to life in careful and compelling detail the story of misguided and dangerous activists using bad science to attack one of the most effective public health interventions ever devised.  It is a must-read cautionary tale of the abuse of celebrity, the media, misinformation and fear.”
—Steve Novella, Assistant Professor and Director of General Neurology, Yale University School of Medicine

“Paul Offit is that rarity: An eloquent, outspoken scientist with a gift for writing narrative.  I cannot imagine a better counter to the scientifically challenged—and just plain dangerous—anti-vaccination movement.  We’re fortunate to have him.”
—Chris Mooney, author of The Republican War on Science and co-author of Unscientific America

Deadly Choices carries a very important message for parents, journalists, physicians, and everyone who cares about children and health.  It is a passionate, but also compassionate, call for civil discourse and rational conversation on a subject which matters so much to each of us individually and to us all as a society.  It is a fascinating account of society and science, politics, publicity, and public health.”
—Perri Klass, Professor of Journalism and Pediatrics, New York University and author of Treatment Kind and Fair

“A medical crisis has come to America.  Diseases of our grandparents’ generation are making a deadly comeback as more and more parents choose not to vaccinate their children.  How did this happen?  Who is responsible?  And what can be done to reverse this unconscionable assault upon our nation’s public health?  For the answers, provided in clear, common sense, page-turning fashion, I recommend Deadly Choices by Dr. Paul Offit—a timely and courageous call to arms by the nation’s foremost expert on pediatric infectious disease.”
—David Oshinsky, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Polio: An American Story, and Jack S. Blanton Chair in History at the University of Texas

“With Deadly Choices, Paul Offit has once again brought clarity and reason to a subject that desperately needs them both.  If you care about the health of your children – or the health of anybody’s children – you need to read this book as soon as you can.”
—Michael Specter, Staff Writer, The New Yorker and author of Denialism

“This is a courageous book by a courageous researcher and physician.  Paul Offit’s new book tells the truth about the anti-vaccine movement, its unquestioning followers in the media and about the deadly consequences of their campaign of fear.  Deadly Choices demonstrates that the enemies of immunizations are successful because too many of us have remained silent in the face of their falsehoods and intimidation.  Dr. Offit shows that by standing up for science we can win the war against those who would leave our children defenseless against infectious disease.”
—Robert M. Goldberg, Ph.D., Vice President, Center for Medicine in the Public Interest and author of Tabloid Medicine: How the Internet is Being Used to Hijack Medical Science for Fear and Profit

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