Thursday, February 17, 2011

So You Want to Write a Novel

Dear Prospective Clients:

Please, oh please, don't be this guy.

Thank you.



Rebecca said...

Oh, very clever! Thanks for posting this. Made me chuckle...

Salaris said...

That guy wasn't nearly ambitious enough. Clearly, he shouldn't be accepting anything under seven figures for his level of genius.

dwkazzie said...

Hi there,

I wrote this video, and I am so thrilled you posted it on your blog here. Really glad you liked it.

David Kazzie

Andrew Zack said...

Hi David:

I hope you don't mind! Another publishing contact put it on Facebook and I thought it hilarious. Nice job!

Give Ann my regards.


dwkazzie said...


I certainly don't mind at all! People posting the video like this was what made it go viral, and it ultimately put me in contact with Ann. I'm extremely appreciative of all those who were kind enough to re-post it...

There's no doubt that this little video changed the course of my writing career.


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