Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The February Monthly Round-Up

Well, February has come and gone, and March has blossomed into a beautiful month. Ahhh, spring days in San Diego. But back to February, which was substantially colder and wetter than the current month. Despite gloom or sunshine, Andy and I have been diligent in fielding work from prospective and current clients.

The recap for last month goes as follows:

In February we...

...received 74 queries, and rejected 130
...received 25 sample chapters, and rejected 0
...received 2 proposals, and rejected 0
...received 0 manuscripts, and rejected 0, but we did accept 1 manuscript

We currently have on-hand...

...37 sample chapters
...3 proposals
...5 manuscripts

We are still waiting for...

...13 sample chapters
...4 proposals

If you submitted a sample chapter and have not heard anything from us…have no fears. We will get to you! We are a little backlogged at the moment with our oldest sample chapter dated September 2010. If you submitted after that date, we are still considering your work.  If you submitted before that, you should have heard from us.

I have been enjoying this experience with Andy immensely! I look forward to reading your work.

All the best,