Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The March Monthly Round-up

Well, spring has sprung and with it we've been doing some good spring cleaning.  Over 1,100 editors in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and elsewhere have been emailed and asked about their current areas of acquisitions.   And my intern, Rebecca Josephsen, has been doing a great job reading and responding to about a manuscript a week.  For all of those authors receiving her rejections, I hope you at least find the one-to-three page editorial letters she's including helpful.

So here's what happened in March.  We...

…received 58 queries, and rejected 12
…received 3 sample chapters, and rejected 4
…received 0 proposals, and rejected 1
…received 1 manuscript, and rejected 3

We currently have on-hand…

…33 sample chapters
…4 proposals
…4 manuscripts

We are still waiting for…

…11 sample chapters
…4 proposals
…1 manuscript

If you submitted a sample chapter and have not heard anything from us, please continue to be patient. I'm headed off on the train in the morning and will be doing some reading over the next couple of days in an effort to continue the spring clean-up.  Of course, we do still have about 140 eQueries™ to get through.  If you queried us over the past several weeks, please know that we haven't been reading queries lately and so your query is still to be considered.


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