Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The April Monthly Round-up

Another month down and more reading accomplished.  Of course, lots more reading came in.  It's kind of a vicious circle that way.

I'm told today is STAR WARS Day.  I had no idea.  I just thought the guy at the store had a speech impediment when he said, "May the Fourth Be With You."  Ah well.

Okay, here's the monthly round-up:

In April we...
  • ...received 73 queries, and rejected 49
  • ...received 9 sample chapters, and rejected 13
  • ...received 1 proposals, and rejected 0
  • ...received 2 manuscripts, and rejected 1
We currently have on-hand...
  • ...30 sample chapters
  • ...5 proposals
  • ...3 manuscripts
We are still waiting for...
  • ...10 sample chapters
  • ...3 proposals
Andy and I are steadily making progress.  Our oldest sample chapter is dated Feb 9, 2011.  If you know you submitted before then, you should have had our response by now.

If you aren't following Andy on Twitter (@thezackcompany), you should.  He often tweets when he's been reading things.  Also, if you haven't "liked" The Zack Company on Facebook, please do: