Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Where's the Monthly Round-up?

Regular readers of this blog know that I try and post every month with a round-up of where we are with submissions.  Alas, I never did the September round-up as I'm currently without an intern and life has been extra busy.  I'll post one at the end of this month.

I will offer that I actually have been reading current clients' works and haven't responded to a lot of new submissions, just a few queries here and there.

I also want to share a tale that might make a few of you tear some hair out.  It certainly frustrated me.  I just had a client terminate representation because she decided she wanted to self-publish.  That's her right, of course.  However, I only signed her in July!  That's right.  July.  This client was so impatient and apparently so unprofessional and immature that she signed with me and, roughly six weeks later, quit me.  And that's after two readings of her MS by my office, and editorial notes.  Practically wants me to add some kind of termination penalty clause to the representation agreement!

Now, this client complained that she originally queried me over a year ago.  That it took a while for us to read her sample chapter and her full MS.  But, in the end, we did offer representation.  And clearly no one else had, since she waited on us to respond to her work and accepted representation.  And then she quit us.

So if you've been waiting for an answer from us, one reason you haven't heard back is that we've been reading and providing editorial notes to this client who clearly wasn't committed.  I wish I could get back all the time we wasted on her, but we can't.

Folks, if you are going to submit to TZC, please be ready and willing and able to be represented by us.  We offer an immense amount of information on our website and our turnaround times should be clear by the month updates we've provided.  If we take you on, we will work tirelessly to get your work published.  But if you're just going to bail six or eight weeks after you sign with us, you're just wasting our time and yours.




Michelle said...

Thanks for the update, Mr. Z. Sorry to hear about your experience. Shame she couldn't have done that before you put all your time and effort into her MS. May be something she lives to regret. Oh, well, frees you up for the rest of us hopefuls.

Lexington, NC

Joseph Baran said...

Wow! What a waste of time indeed.

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