Monday, October 10, 2011

The Sort of Mid-October Monthly Round-up

A very happy New Year to all of my Jewish friends, family, and colleagues.  I hope you all had good holidays and easy fasts.

Life here at The Zack Company has been moving slowly, as I have no current intern and the entire family has gotten an early start to the winter cold season.  Don't worry.  I do great sleeping no more than thirty minutes at a shot before being woken up by a crying one-year-old or a crying three-year-old.  At least I got my flu shot.  Of course, for about two days after, I felt a bit like I had the flu.

Funny story.  Every year, my wife makes big plans for the Jewish holidays.  Often I'm a bit resistant.  I'm not a great Jew.  I'm a proud Jew, but not very religious.  This year, I tried to get on-board with the program.  I went out and bought two new suits and we joined a shul and everything.  We were all set.  Then I got sick.  So I missed Rosh Hashanah services because I was sick.  No worries, there's still Yom Kippur.  Except then our one-year-old got sick.  So I stayed home with him.  So, two new suits in the closet, never worn.  I better get invited to a couple of weddings soon, dammit.

So, the monthly round-up....  Here's the story.  I stayed up until eleven last night, trying to reconcile what we had electronically and what we had in physical format and where I am with all of it.  Lacking an intern, the reading has really slowed down.  I did, however, read a new novel by a new client that I took on not that long ago, and it's awesome.  A few tweaks here and there, and I'll be headed out to publishers with it.

So, here's what's been going on submission wise:

In September:

...we received 45 queries and declined 4;
...we received 3 sample chapters and declined 1;
...we received 1 manuscript and declined 1.

In October, so far:

...we received 19 queries and declined 3;
...we received 1 manuscript.

We currently have on-hand (give or take one or two):

...18 sample chapters;
...3 proposals;
...12 full manuscripts, including 2 from current clients;
...52 queries I have yet to go through.

I also discarded a number of queries that we'd answered with requests for more material, but never received.  We followed-up on most if not all of these at least once.  For the life of me, I can't say why someone would query me and then not submit when asked to.  Maybe I need to add a "confirm email" requirement on the web form, so that people don't give me bad addresses?

Obviously, as I am currently without a first reader, things are going to be going a bit slowly in the reading department.  I looks like we are currently reading material that came in in July.

As always, your patience is appreciated.



TheTomeWriter said...

So here's the million dollar question (besides "can I volunteer to be your intern for a few months"): How can someone like myself be certain that their Sample Chapters are included in your rundown? I *think* that my sample chapters are in the 18 Sample Chapters that you have in your queue, but it sure would be nice to be certain!


~Kevin Jackson

Andrew Zack said...

Wellll Kevin:

If you know when you sent it to me and you know you included an SASE, and I've said I'm reading in July currently, then you should be able to figure it out. You queried me in August, I see, so clearly your material came in in August or September and therefore we would not yet have read it.


TheTomeWriter said...

Excellent points all. Your comment also reminded me of that fact that I forgot to include an SASE in the envelope I sent to you. But it sounds like you have it, so I shall patiently wait.

Can I send you a post-Sample-Chapter-Submission SASE under separate cover???



Andrew Zack said...

You could. If you are located in the US and don't include an SASE and we're not interested, you'll never hear from us. If we are interested, you probably will. So, if you want to risk never knowing, do nothing. If you want to know either way, it's not a bad idea to forward one.


Michelle said...

Thanks for the update considering your hectic schedule. My question is have you responded to the queries you received in September?


Andrew Zack said...


Nope. They go back to August.


Debbie Maxwell Allen said...

Just came across your blog, and I appreciate your detailed posts. Thought you'd like to know I shared some highlights with my blog readers today:

Thanks for a great blog!


None in lieu of deletion said...

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate these updates. My manuscripts somewhere in the queue, and it's so nice to know it hasn't just disappeared into a black hole! Take care of yourself and the kiddies too.

Kathy Bryson
Tampa, FL

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