Wednesday, November 23, 2011

QuickBooks 2012: The Adventure Continues!

Yesterday I reported on my starting up with QuickBooks 2012.  Here are a few more observations.  Today, when I launched the program I got an error message that presented me with a link to the support site.  Always interesting that they know the error comes up and, rather than fixing the software, they send you to the support site where the advice is to "toggle your UAC" settings.  Seems to me that QuickBooks should toggle something and fix the problem.

I did install the QuickBooks Contacts Sync add-in.  My first reaction was surprise that it wanted me to import my QuickBooks contacts into Outlook.  This seems completely bassackward.  Obviously, contacts will first be in Outlook, not in QuickBooks.  Additionally, I use many generic entries in QuickBooks, like "Gas Station" and "Restaurant."  I won't need to sync those, so why would I want to import them?

My first step in using this is to create a specific QuickBooks Contacts folder in Outlook and then start the Sync add-in from Outlook.  It wants me to map fields.  I find some of these fields a bit strange.  For example, it wants to put Contact from QB into the Manager's Name field in Outlook and the Alt Contact from QB into the Assistant's Name field in Outlook.  To quote the kids, WTF?

Okay, so I did all that and then I get a "Contact Sync Error:  Unsupported QuickBooks version | Contact Sync will only work with QuickBooks 2005 or later."  Okay, seriously.  I'm running 2012.  Why am I getting this idiotic error?

On a second try, I don't mess with any of the mapped fields.  I just let QB use the defaults.  I have the sudden realization that I am syncing with an empty Contacts folder in Outlook and said that Outlook wins in any disagreements with Outlook and QuickBooks.  I wonder if a ton of data will now be deleted from QuickBooks and am praying I backed everything up!

Looks like I am okay....

Looking at the data in Outlook, though, I have to say I'm not impressed.  Addresses in the imported data are often missing line breaks, so the street address and city are running together.  Additionally, do I really need the address for American Express or Citi Cards in Outlook?  There are some addresses that need only be in Outlook and some that need only be in QuickBooks.  Perhaps what we need is selective syncing or integration of the Outlook files with QuickBooks in a manner similar to how the software integrates with Outlook.

Right now, I'd say that the Outlook/QuickBooks Sync Add-On is not ready for Prime Time.  It still feels clunky and not completely functional.  I'll be uninstalling it.


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