Thursday, December 22, 2011

MAJOR QuickBooks Suckage

A few days ago, I got a call from the Product Manager at Intuit for QuickBooks 2012.  Nice guy.  Wanted to know if it would be okay for him to email me some responses to some of my comments that I made in my prior reviews of QuickBooks.  Hopefully, before he does that, he'll read this post.

I bank at JPMorgan Chase.  It's a smallish bank with branches only in every state of our nation (well, not sure about Hawaii and Alaska, actually).  They are also very technologically behind.  I mean, sure, you can take a picture of a check with your iPhone and it counts as a deposit, but don't try that with a Blackberry!  I jest, of course.  Chase is huge and very on top of the technology for banking.

I have used QuickBooks to send transactions to Chase for years.  I even used the BillPay feature for a while, but gave it up because I found it too unpredictable.  I'd put in a date and then the software would tell me I was too late and change the date, etc.  But for simple transfers, it was a breeze.  Until recently.  Recently, it's a car wreck, pure and simple.  I've talked to Chase and they asked me to email my log files.  Alas, the email address I was given did not work.  Still, Chase insisted it was a problem with QuickBooks and I don't have reason to doubt them, especially since I'm scheduling transfers on 12/21/2011 and getting back messages saying "The transfer will be effective as of the end of 11/02/2010."  Huh???!

And it really does put the transfer back in November 2010.  The only way to fix it is to delete the transfer and then manually create a new one on the right date.

The other really fun thing that's been happening is that bank charges are not downloading into QuickBooks.  For example, I received a wire of funds.  Chase charges me $15.00 to receive that wire (yes, that sucks, but right now we're talking QuickBooks suckage not Chase suckage) and if I then turn around and wire the client his funds, Chase charges $25.00 to send that wire.  Each of these charges shows as a "Misc. Debit"  However, it seems that since I upgraded to 2012, these fees are not downloading.  So only because I know they exist and I go look them up on the Chase site and manually enter them, do I know they took place.  Things could get ugly without knowing about those charges, right?

So is this Intuit's problem or Chase's problem?  I'd argue both.  Though I've avoided the fees for years, Chase does charge a fee for the "privilege" to download transactions from their servers to QuickBooks.  If it isn't working right, I think the response should be "Holy sh^t!  Someone get Intuit on the phone."  Not, "Well, have you called Intuit to tell them about the problem?"

I did call QuickBooks support today.  I think the rep was in Manilla.  And despite speaking pretty good English, he seemed to have no understanding at all that I'd found a bug in their program.  I asked for a tier two rep and was put on hold for so long, I hung up.  Tomorrow I'm going to call the Office of the President at Intuit again.  And maybe I'll try the Office of the President at Chase.  Maybe someone from one of those offices might be inclined to call the other and get some kind of investigation going.

Of course, it could just be my copy of QuickBooks.  I could try and reinstall, but until someone tells me that's what I should do, I'm operating under the assumption that it's not my problem, it's QuickBooks'...or maybe Chase's.


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