Friday, December 02, 2011

The November Monthly Round-Up

As a literary agent, the truth is that I'm only going to be in business as long as I keep selling books, and to do that I need books to sell.  Thus, submissions are actually an important thing in my life.  But like everything in business, priorities often shift.  But I do make an effort every month to both make progress on my submissions and also to report to you where I'm at.  So here, without further delay, is...the November Monthly Round-up!

In November, we...

  • Received 68 queries; declined 9;
  • Received 2 sample chapters; declined 12;
  • Received 2 proposals; declined 0;
  • Received 3 manuscripts; declined 1.

As of December 2nd, we have...

  • 166 eQueries to read;
  • 1 proposal to read;
  • 14 full manuscripts to read.

We are currently waiting on the following requested materials:

  • 5 sample chapters;
  • 1 full manuscript.

My goal is to get through all of the eQueries by the end of the year.  I have two of those fourteen manuscripts out with a reader and hopefully I'll be able to look at a couple before the end of the year.

Thanks, as always, for your patience.



Michelle said...

Mr. Z - Little worried here. I should have been in your September snail mail stack. Did my query make it to your desk?

Lexington, NC

Andrew Zack said...

Michelle: I don't track queries rejected, only requested. So I can't say if I saw your query, but I don't have one from you in my "Waiting" folder, so I presume I didn't request anything. Then again, if I never got it, I couldn't have requested anything, right?


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