Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Submission Communication: It's Not a One-Way Street

Just got this as an anonymous comment on the blog.  Please note, we will not publish anonymous comments.  However, I will answer this question here, because it's a good place to remind people of our policies:
Do you notify a writer when their sample chapters are refused? Should we assume anything submitted prior to 4/30 is rejected? What is the process?
If you are a US-based author and you submit your sample chapter with an SASE, then we will certainly let you know if passed on your material.  If you've ordered Express Review™, you'll get a written response within the agreed-upon time period.  If you've just submitted the sample chapter, you'll either get a written response or a form notecard.  We can't respond specifically to every submission, but we do respond to some if we feel we have something helpful to pass along in terms of feedback.

If you are a US-based author and you do not include an SASE, you will not hear from us unless we are interested in reading more or offering you representation.  But please do not take this to mean you should skip the SASE and wait to hear and presume we are passing if you haven't heard.  It sometimes takes a long time to read things and you could presume we have passed and we have not.  Toss in the SASE and then you'll know for sure one way or another.

If you are author based outside of the US, then all you need to do is provide a valid email address for a response.  We do it this way to avoid all of those pesky International Reply Coupons and because we know it's a drag for authors to have to provide those.

As for the date, it looks like our oldest sample chapter is dated 4/22.  And it does appear that we have declined or already asked for more on anything older.

Hope this helps!


Friday, July 01, 2011

The June Monthly Round-Up

As Andy’s summer intern I have enjoyed reading all your submissions over the past three weeks.  It’s been a great summer so far!

July has begun and although I’m a little disappointed I didn’t qualify to participate in the annual International Hot Dog Eating Contest, I have been keeping busy with reading and responding to all the submissions we’ve received in June.

In June we…

…received 59 queries, and rejected 66
…received 12 sample chapters, and rejected 15
…received 1 proposal, and rejected 2
…received 5 manuscripts, and rejected 1
...offered representation to 1 new client!

Currently we have…

…19 sample chapters
…4 proposals
…8 manuscripts

We are still waiting for…

…25 sample chapters
…6 proposals

Our oldest sample chapter is dated April 30th so, if you have submitted after that date relax and enjoy your 4th of July knowing your work is still being considered!

Happy barbecuing,

Sorry I've been so absent

About once a day, I realize that I haven't been blogging as much as I once did.  I could say that I've been working hard and it would be true.  I could say that I've been sleep-deprived because my three-year-old (well, as of next week) gets up far too early and I have trouble thinking straight.  I could say that I've been very, very busy researching eBook conversion services to start putting out-of-print books back in print and that has given me all new appreciation and respect for what publishers have been going through in converting their backlists to eBook format.

Or I could just admit I've been having marathon sessions watching GAME OF THRONES on demand since we started HBO back up.  And all of that would be true.

Meanwhile, I now have two interns (though one will soon be leaving) and we've been reading a ton and responding and I actually took on a new client in June (will wonders never cease?).  So welcome to Mark Mamone, a very funny guy, whose book I suspect you'll be hearing a lot about down the road.