Monday, January 02, 2012

The December Monthly Round-up

Happy New Year!  Here's the December monthly round-up.  I know I set the goal of reading all of the eQueries™ by the end of the year, but am sorry to say it just didn't happen.  We were lucky enough to have quite a bit of family come visit, but that does cut into work time, and no sooner did family leave than I got sick—twice!  I'm currently battling my second cold of the month!  But I did put a good dent in the number and I consider that a partial win.

Here's where December ended up:

  • 54 queries received; 89 declined
  • 1 sample chapter received; 1 declined
  • 0 proposals received; 1 declined
  • 0 manuscripts received; 2 declined

I did also review 3 full manuscripts and 1 proposal and had extensive conversations with the authors.  Ideally, we'll be chatting again down the road about representation.  I also reviewed 1 other full ms, but haven't yet reached out to the author.  It's tricky.  I'm still thinking about it.

Also in December, I requested 16 sample chapters and 3 proposals.  So that's about 105 queries read and responded to, 4 full manuscripts reviewed, 2 proposals reviewed.  Not bad, given all the family and illness, I'd say.

So, what am I waiting on?  About 20 sample chapters and 3 proposals, plus revised versions of the manuscripts or proposals mentioned above.

Thanks, as always, for your patience.



TheTomeWriter said...

I think our patience is easier to come by than your hard work, Mr. Zack. Thanks for working during what sounds like a brutal holiday season health-wise.


TheTomeWriter said...

Can you tell us how many full manuscripts you still have in the stack for review? And on that note, do you review requested manuscripts in the order they were received, or do you use some other criteria? Thanks!


Andrew Zack said...


I normally do that count and include it, but I was simply too slammed that day. I can say that I just sent _your_ manuscript to my reader to take a look. She's running pretty slow these days, though, so I'll probably know more next month.


Suzanne Leder said...

Hi there! I sent a query October 20th and didn't hear either way. Do you respond to decline, or should I just assume it was a decline?



Andrew Zack said...


As noted, I have a ton of eQueries still to review, so no, you should not consider it was a decline.


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