Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How Those Queries Coming Along?

Well, it's been an exciting Wednesday evening.  I have just read all of the eQueries™ from October 2011.  So I'm just a couple of months behind now.  Here's what I'm about to do:

Decline 44 queries
Request sample chapters or proposals on 12 projects

If you queried me after October, then I still have to read your query.

Thank you for your patience!



Sharon Arthur Moore said...

I read in a blog from last year about your Express Review option. Could you please say more about that? Oh, and I will say "hi" at SCWC. Thanks, Sharon

Andrew Zack said...


Express Review is an option offered to those individuals whose sample chapters, proposals, or manuscripts are requested. There is no option for queries. When I request material from an author, we include either a brochure or a link to the Express Review offer, but we do not make that available to the general public, lest there be confusion that it is somehow available to those whose material we have not requested. When material is requested and Express Review is being considered, authors can request a FAQ list that explains everything about it. Since I see that I did request material from you, I'll email you the FAQ.


Peter G. James Sinclair said...

Wonderful that you're keeping your hopeful authors in the loop. I commend you.

Being the recipient of many of those rejections from other agents myself, every 'no' received builds resilience in your writing bones - to press on regardless.

So to those 44 - I trust they are growing stronger because of your contribution towards the strengthening of their writing stature.

On behalf of all of them - thank you!

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