Thursday, January 05, 2012

QuickBooks Bugger

So I've been posting here about my adventures with QuickBooks 2012 and documented an issue between QuickBooks and my bank, Chase, and the bizarre dates that were coming back when I tried to send transfers from QB to Chase.

Well, I've been working for what must be six hours over two days with Parvinder, a tech support guy from Intuit's Office of the President, and we were able to reproduce the error using a test file and using different accounts.  It wasn't "just me," which is always reassuring!

So, today I heard what I knew was the case:  I've found a bug.  Yes, little old small-business owner me found a big, bad bug in QuickBooks 2012.  So I'm actually on my second computer while the rep is doing his long-distance thing and grabbing log files off my computer.  If I suddenly find all my money is gone and my credit cards are maxed out, I think I'll know who to blame. . . .

So, on the one hand, it's great that I was able to get action.  It's great that they want to fix this problem.  But should I have been the one to find this bug?  And is anyone going to pay me for all my time in finding and trouble-shooting this?  I mean, I certainly never volunteered to be a beta tester.  I'm, at best, a reviewer and an unpaid one at that.

And where does a bug like this come from?  The part of the program appears completely unchanged to me.  Why would something that worked fine in the prior version and is apparently unchanged suddenly have a bug?  A million to one shot based on my configuration?  I guess I'll never know.  But if Intuit suddenly decides to send me a fat check for my time, I certainly won't complain. (Hint, hint.)



taxwizz said...

We just installed QuickBooks 2012.
It immediately destroyed ALL previous versions of Quickbooks from 2001 to 2011. We are ProAdvisors and have many clients still using older versions.

QuickBooks Tech Support answer was to just Uninstall all of the programs, and Re-Install them. Thanks. 10 versions of QuickBooks, on 5 computers at 2 hours per program = 100 hours wasted.

Take my advice...DO NOT INSTALL QUICKBOOKS 2012.
For payroll...Go to an outside service.
2012 is TOTALLY screwed up.

Andrew Zack said...

Actually, this error makes no sense to me. I installed 2012 and it didn't touch my 2011. I just told it to install to a different directory. As much as I find fault with QB, this appears to be user error.

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