Thursday, March 22, 2012

Better Late than Never. The February Round-up.

Ruh roh!  Looks like I completely spaced on doing the February round-up on submissions and queries.  C'mon, people!  You have to remind me.

Quick and dirty:

  • 60 queries received; 94 declined!
  • 11 sample chapters received; 10 declined;
  • 0 proposals received; 1 declined;
  • 3 full manuscripts received; 3 declined (not the same 3 that were received; we aren't that fast!).

  • 9 sample chapters were requested in the month;
  • 1 proposal was requested;
  • 2 full manuscripts were requested.

  • I currently have 5 sample chapters on-hand to read;
  • I currently have 49 eQueries to read;
  • I currently have at least 13 full manuscripts to read.

As always, if we request materials from your eQuery and don't hear back, we'll check in a month or so later and then discard your query if we don't hear from you in another month or so.

For those of you waiting for answers from us, your patience is always appreciated.


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