Thursday, March 22, 2012

Remembering Jack Scovil

The problem with the deluge of email we all endure is that all too often something gets by you that you would really want to know.  Thus, it is only today that I noticed an obituary for my old friend, boss, and mentor, Jack Scovil.

I met Jack when I joined Scovil Chichak Galen as a literary agent in the early nineties.  Jack and his partners, Russ Galen and Ted Chichak, had left the Scott Meredith Literary Agency to launch their own firm.  Coming from the editorial side to the agent side was quite the transition and I deeply appreciated Jack's advice and, more importantly, his sense of humor, which I can only describe as "dry."  As in the Sahara.

Like any growing firm, SCG had its issues and I will always have the deepest gratitude for Jack's practical and insightful advice.  Of everyone there, Jack always seemed the most willing to take the time to counsel a young agent.  He was a true gentleman, a publishing professional from the "old school," and someone I will genuinely miss.


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