Thursday, May 10, 2012

The April Monthly Round-up

Well, another month come and gone.  It's been exceptionally busy month for me and I can honestly say I've never worked harder.  So hard, in fact, that my shoulder up and rebelled from all the hours I've spent on the keyboard and mouse.  Now I get to ice it daily and go to PT twice a week.  Joy!

So, it remains fairly unproductive here in the reading department?  Why?  After all, isn't reading a huge part of what I need to be doing to make deals?  Sure, but I also have to take care of the current clients, their contracts, royalty statements, and payments.  And we've also started reissuing some of the clients' out-of-print works via our other firm, Author Coach, and its publishing division, Endpapers Press.  You've probably seen some of the cover contests on this site.  Keeping watching.  You'll see more, as more and more of my clients' older titles will be coming back into print this way.

I've also been writing to the Department of Justice, to express my opinion on its lawsuit against publishers, and I've been chasing new business for my clients, of course.  So, no worries.  I may not be getting as much reading done, but I've got plenty to chew on!

So here is the April round-up:

  • 55 queries received; 3 declined;
  • 1 sample chapters received; 1 declined;
  • 1 proposal received; 0 declined;
  • 2 manuscripts received; 0 declined.

We currently have on hand the following:

  • 138 eQueries™
  • 3 sample chapters
  • 1 proposal
  • 16 full manuscripts, including four from current clients!

As always, we appreciate your patience!


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